DyeChem World
Exhibition – Tirupur Edition
12 - 14 December 2024
India Knit Fair Exhibition Center, Avinashi Road, Tirupur
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Taking You Closer To Your Customers!

Dyes & Chemicals and Textile & Apparel industry complement each other and together create beautiful textiles the mankind have admired since ages.

Lately, the industry is facing challenges from several fronts like environmental issues or market conditions or technology & innovation. Both the Dyes & Chemicals and Textile industry need to work in close collaboration to overcome these challenges and strengthen the supply chain.

DyeChem World Exhibition, with a legacy of successful events, aims to take the Dyes & Chemicals suppliers near to their end customers in the textile Dyeing, Printing and Processing clusters. With that aim, organisers host the tradeshow in Tirupur and Ludhiana which are proven to be immensely successful to create Industry Interaction, Knowledge Sharing, adoption of Innovative Processes, Technology and Discovering new supply chain partners.   

As the textile industry is back again on the growth path, expanding capacity, innovating new products and adopting sustainable processes, upcoming DyeChem World Exhibition in Tiruppur would be the place to Meet, Interact, Share knowledge to Grow your business.

In line with the industry’s dynamism, the upcoming DyeChem World Exhibition would complement the needs of the industry in adoption of innovative processes and technology and connect the business leaders with the ideas of taking business to the next level.

The industry would converge for the mega event backed by leaders of NIFT- TEA, AIC NIFT TEA, SDC, Textile Excellence, TEA, ISCMA, DAT, KNITcMA, DACMA, TEKPA, SIIMKA, ROSPA, TIF, TEAMA, TEKIC and many more.

The Venue

Highlights Of The Events

Exhibitors, Visitors and Delegates of DyeChem World Exhibition will get the opportunity to interact, network and exchange ideas, knowledge and build partnerships to facilitate business.

Highlights Of The Events

Exhibitors, Visitors and Delegates of DyeChem World Exhibition and CEO Summit shall be able to interact, network and exchange ideas, knowledge and build partnership to facilitate business.

The Venue

India Knit Fair Exhibition Center, Tirupur is a well-known professional exhibition Venue that has been set up jointly by the Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) and Tiruppur Exporter’s Association (TEA). Its close proximity to the main city of Tirupur makes it convenient in terms of access and for visitors from outside Tirupur too, is easily accessible as it is located off the main highway connecting Erode and Coimbatore. With spacious exhibition halls and ample parking, the venue is well landscaped providing an ideal setting for trade shows.

Why To Participate

Dyechem World Visitors

In spite of being among the most important supply chain partner of the textile and apparel as well as fashion industry, Textile Dyes, Chemicals, Auxiliaries and Special Finishes industry does not have a focused B2B exhibition in the country. The DyeChem World Exhibition is a pioneering initiative focusing this industry in a market hub. The event has proven its worth through overwhelming participation by both exhibitors and visitors from the user industry and created unmatched business opportunities and interaction.


Event Schedule

Pre Exhibition Days | Stall Construction

9 – 11th December 2024

Exhibition Days

12 – 14th December 2024

Exhibitor Night

13th December 2024

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